Get Plants vs. Zombies Clothes and Stuff for 20% Off Right Now!

Not sure how you couldn’t know, because it’s one of the freakiest fantastic-est fun-deadest facts of all, but we have a Plants vs. Zombies Store that is bursting with clothes, plushies, toys, posters, and even more stuff that will probably make you the envy of every single person on your block. And right now (now meaning through September 4th) we’re offering 20% off everything in the whole store! Why? Because you’re great, and so is Plants vs. Zombies, and we think you’re a perfect match for each other. So, if you’re wanting to go back to school in Chomper style:

Or show your love of zombies that carry javelins:

Or aren’t going back to school at all, but just want to start your own garden of plush plants:

The Plants vs. Zombies Store is waiting for you to come visit.

PS: Yes, if you wear a zombie shirt you do need to make a crazy hungry zombie pose. But hopefully you already knew that and will act accordingly.

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