PopCap at PAX Prime!

It’s almost time for PAX Prime! Yay! This is actual genuine excitement on our part, not fake corporate excitement, because PAX is in fact our very favorite gaming convention, a fact we bring up every single time we blog about PAX. We wish they’d notice already marry us already.

Anyway, PAX starts tomorrow, and we are going to be there! Unlike past years, it should not be too hard to find us. You will not have to go chasing dancing zombies around.(Though you can if you like, because the dancing zombies will be there too!) This time, we have a big ol’ booth on the 4th floor of the North Lobby. You basically can’t miss it. It says PopCap all over it, is decorated with PopCap artwork, and will be staffed by people yelling “HEY WE’RE POPCAP.” In fact, you’ll have to actively try to avoid us, because we’re going to be all over the place. Because in addition to the booth and the dancing zombies, we’re also presenting an exciting panel Friday night!

At our booth itself, we have a plethora of exciting activities and events for you! You can sit down at one of our 8 Xboxes and play two great new releases from us — Zuma’s Revenge! on XLBA, and the brand spankin’ new SECRET PINBALL GAME done in collaboration with the awesome Zen Studios. You can recharge your smartphone at our stunningly convenient recharge station. And you can get your photo taken with one of a host of beautiful PopCap game backgrounds, perfect for framing or spamming your Facebook friends with!

And, yes, of course, there will be LOTS OF FREE STUFF for you. But we won’t spill what it is now, because that would be no fun at all. You’ll just have to come visit us!

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