This Is Not Market Research

Honestly, it’s not. Call it professional curiosity. You see, for years I have been seeing the feedback, comments, posts, etc., from the people who really go out of their way to let us know what they want and what they like. But I’m a firm believer in the “vocal minority” phenomenon (in other words, I will never ever believe Linux is taking over the world, no matter how many impassioned letters I read on the subject).

So here’s my chance to ask a question I genuinely wonder about, and better still, here’s your chance to weigh in for your favorite gaming platform. Again, I must point out, there is nothing terribly official about this poll. But if the number of comments we get on this topic regardless of what we post about is any indication, you want us to know this stuff anyway!

And yes, it’s a hard choice. I even caved and allowed for multiple selections on the poll, because for me, it’s PC all the way! Except when it’s Xbox… and I’m sure there are others out there with equally split decisions.

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