Just Desserts

You know what’s great? Dessert. Most of us here at PopCap (and by “most of us” I mean all right-thinking people) love a good dessert. Cake in all forms (cup, sheet, cheese, bundt… you name it), cookies, pie, things that are frozen, throw a marshmallow on it, hey is that an M&M on the floor? You get the idea.

And something we like almost as much as we like as dessert is pictures of dessert! It’s true. Sad. But true. So we were thrilled when people started posting pictures of delicious treats on our Pinterest boards.

Oh, yes. We are on the Pinterest. We have boards for Plants vs. Zombies food and for other PopCap fan creations. You should check them out and maybe post some of your own awesome stuff there.

But for now we want to share some really great cakes that people have posted.

First up is a Squash cake. We assume it isn’t squash flavored. He looks none too pleased with you.

It’s a sunshine day for this fun-dead friend!

Glad somebody got a photo of this one. It looks almost too good to eat. Almost. We aren’t crazy.

Poor ol’ zombie. Just wanted to go to a birthday party…

Please keep your hands away from this cake.

It can’t be all PvZ. Here’s a swell Bejeweled cake for Rachel who is either 25 years or 3 months old.

I can’t get enough of the squash cake. Never let it be said that I’m not five years behind on my internet memes.

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