The Future of Gaming*

Recently, the PopCap group in which the blog overlord and all her minions work (the minions are us that write the nice stuff here, but not the Zombie) had what office workers like to call an “offsite.” Basically, we went away from the office into a magical land and talked about serious things. Things like who would win, The Hulk or Thor, in an underwater knife fight? And what’s tastier, Doritos topped with Sriracha or apples dipped in peanut-butter? But the big question of the day revolved around the future of gaming. So, we broke into groups, stayed up until dawn and then a few hours past dawn, drank lots of warm mint and ginger tea, went through 16 reams of over-sized scratch paper and 16 boxes of colored pencils, chewed our nails to nubs, and figured it all out. Please don’t tell any other video game companies what I’m about to reveal.

The future of gaming, way, way in the future, will be awesome. Here’s how it’ll work: first, you’ll get chips implanted in your wrist and forehead (and maybe the nose, though that’s still being decided). Then, you’ll buy a certain amount of playing time and ingest it—either 1 hour, 1-1/2 hours, or 2 hours, depending on the size of ingestible purchased. Once time is ingested, the implanted chips are activated, letting you control the gaming and game pieces with your body. Think about that: total gaming immersion. Amazing. The below video demonstrates (cause we live in the future, sort of) how it will work. First, you’ll see the ingestible gaming time balls. Then, after our gamers ingest the time, they start to control the game pieces. Watch closely to see the fine control that you’ll have over your gaming. Again: amazing! After you see a number of individual gamers and their gaming, though, the fun really starts. In the last video frame, you’ll see that you can also go into multi-player mode. The future of gaming, as shown, will be a marvelous–perhaps strange, but still marvelous–time.

*This whole post in no way has anything to do with anything that PopCap might actually be doing in the future or thinks about the future as it relates to gaming or to the ingesting of time. You probably knew that, though. But just in case, I thought I’d be clear.

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