Duel for Solitaire Supremacy!

Looking for a way to make your Solitaire Blitz games a little less solitary? Ready to take your leaderboard rivalries to the next level? Now there is a way to prove your dominance once and for all!


Duels present both you and the friend you challenge with the exact same board. That’s right–the cards will not vary at all, so the only difference is you! Your decks are dealt out in perfect synchronicity, so there is no question of a luckier draw for one player or another. One of you was faster or made better choices, and that player will be victorious!

Your high scores so far have been achieved in isolation, but now you will really have something to brag about with the objective proof of your Solitaire Blitz superiority!  At the end of the match, just click “Post Results” to do your public victory dance.

On the other hand, if you didn’t come out on top this time, you could hit Rematch to start again on a new board.  (You can always hope starting a new game will distract your victorious friend from bragging about how hard he schooled you.  No guarantees though!)

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