Peggle at the Pacific Pinball Museum!

It’s no big secret that PopCap’s Peggle was at least partially inspired by Japanese pachinko machines, but it is an honor nevertheless that the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda, California has chosen to include Peggle in a new exhibit, running through September, which features a host of vintage machines and draws a direct line from the centuries-old bagatelle machines, to pachinko, to Peggle. That’s some serious respect!

This is what people did for fun in the 1930s.

This past weekend, as part of the exhibit, we set up four PCs to let folks play Peggle and compete in informal tournaments all day. Most of the folks who sat down had never actually played Peggle before (we didn’t know such people existed!), but we’re happy to report that the game was a big hit all day long, with many people happily walking away with free download codes.

We could show you a few more photos of people staring at Peggle screens, but, hey, we’d prefer you just stare at your own Peggle screen. Instead, here are a few more photos from the Pacific Pinball Museum itself, an incredibly cool place that we highly recommend you visit. And, hey, you don’t have to put quarters in the machines to play!

Captain Fantastic! One of the great pinball machines from the 1970s.

It's a love affair for all ages at the Pacific Pinball Museum.


A topical machine for this week!

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