Superhero Day at PopCap

I love the Internet. Really and truly, it’s a glorious thing. When I was a kid, if a school or a neighborhood became aware of a person who needed help or could use a morale boost, it was a big deal that a couple dozen people gathered together to do a thing, and that’s as far as it would go. And I’m not diminishing — that was awesome. But now we have the Internet. And a mother can share the story of her son’s battle with cancer and invite the world to show him support, and word travels, and next thing you know, it’s Superhero Day.

Two Rorschachs, a Quailman, Batgirl...not sure about our friend on the right, but he's certainly colorful!

Sam is a brave kid with a winning smile and a profound love of comic books, which instantly makes him the coolest kid I know of. His mother put out the call for photos of people wearing superhero t-shirts, so last Friday, PopCappers showed up in a variety of superhero t-shirts and even costumes to let Sam know we’re in his corner.

After the big group photo, someone called out, "Get one where we're all flying!" You can see the confusion as some of the heroes present wondered whether their characters were capable of flight.

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