Support the Zomb-Athletes This Olympic Season

I get being nationalistic (at least most times). You want to support your country and all it entails. But sometimes, during the every-four-year-sporting-and-marketing-event known as the Olympics, there are athletes that cross borders, that drive fans from all nations into a fervor. Why do these select individuals grasp the hearts and minds of the multitudes? Well, maybe it’s because they give 110% without fail*. Maybe it’s because they have a special twinkle in their eye, or that they’ve overcome adversity or injury to win that shiny gold medal. Or maybe they just have a better press agent.

This year, though, it’s a bit different. During the 2012 games, it seems all eyes across this big ol’ ball of earth are focused on the zomb-athletes. Whether it’s archery:

Or boxing:

Or basketball:

These zomb-atheletes are commanding the global spotlight (admittedly, a bit of this spotlight focus is due to the fact that the main Olympic commentator is also a zombie). And I, for one, am quite enamored by their quest for the gold brainz. But then again, I’m only watching them on TV.

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PPS: I fully realize, Philip, that 110% isn’t possible. But these zomb-athletes are bad at math.

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