PopCap Trivia Contest!

If you think that all we do here at PopCap is play games all day, well, you’re only half right. We have plenty of other responsibilities to take care of. Checking our Facebook statuses, for example. Looking at cute cat videos. Keeping up on the latest celebrity gossip. It’s enough to seriously wear an employee out. Which is why once a year the entire marketing group (70+ people)  takes a day away from this grueling schedule for an all-day offsite meeting, in which we spend 8 hours or so in close quarters trying to figure out how to better survive such hellish work conditions for the following year without burning ourselves out on all the stress. Also we get cool treats like malted milk balls and cookies.

As is typical of corporate offsites, ours always begin with some kind of warmup exercise, or “icebreaker” type thing to get us to mix it up with our fellow employees before getting to the 7 hours or so of motivating PowerPoint slides. Last year, for example, we had do things like stretching exercises in a big circle, and say what animal we would be (oddly, almost everyone simultaneously said “ferret”). This year, we decided to scrap the new-agey stuff and do something closer to our core strengths: we played a game. Specifically, we were split into teams for a PopCap trivia contest, in which we were given a series of questions about our own company. Stakes were high. The winning team would be allowed to keep their jobs, while everyone else would be given their final paycheck and a link to the Craigslist jobs board. Not really. It was mostly just for fun.

Today, we’re giving you the same contest. Like us, you pretty much get nothing for playing or answering correctly. Actually take out “pretty much” in the last sentence. You get nothing. Still, what the heck else are you gonna do now? Look at more cat videos? Take our test instead, and justify it to yourself as “educational.” We’ll post the answers—eventually!

Okay, ready?  Here we go:

1.  In what year was PopCap officially founded?

2.  What did the PopCap founders originally want to call the company?

3.  The peashooter is the first plant players get in PvZ.  The sunflower is the second.  What is the third?

4.  Which PopCap game puts you in the role of a figure from Greek mythology? (Two possible correct answers here!)

5.  What game is this music from?

6.  In what cities do PopCap employees work? (There are 9 possible correct answers: 1 pt. for each correct answer!)

7.  Which magazine named PopCap one of “America’s Hottest Brands” in 2010?

  • a) Consumer Reports
  • b) Ad Age
  • c) Forbes
  • d) Edge

8.  What are the names of the following PopCap characters? (1 pt. for each)







Good luck! Hope you do well! Though if you do, that means you probably know more about us than we did ourselves, which is a little scary!  We still love you, though!



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