The Least Productive Day in PopCap History

Otherwise known as Doggie Day! As you may know, our office is home to one proud canine, the lovely dachshund Noni, and typically she has the place to herself. Last Friday, however, was a rare treat for all of us who either have or simply love dogs, because everyone was free to bring their doggie to work! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the collective “Aww”-ing of an entire building as tons of little fur-faces parade through, but it’s something special. And what we lose in office productivity, we make up in morale. Check out some of the adorableness that wrecked our concentration last week!

Why yes, that is a Chuzzle in that little angel's mouth! And she never let go of it!

If this little guy looks especially familiar to you, maybe you've been playing with the deck called "Charlie" in Solitaire Blitz!

I have rarely hated a door in the way I hated this door. Look at that cute little doggie face! I wanted to barge right into that meeting and pet him.

This dog knows big and important truths. It pains him that we can't comprehend his language, because he has solved physics for us.

And this doggie wants to travel with us to new worlds and lead our army against the pod people.

And this little doggie just wants to be petted and loved. Nothing wrong with that!

While most of our doggies were small to medium-sized...

...we did have some big cheerful beauties like this Keeshond...

...Molly the friendly lab, ready to love all people no matter how tired she got!...

...and the chillest Boxer who ever chilled.

Dogs are hard to photograph, as they're usually wagging either their tail...


...or their face!

And because I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything cuter, I leave you with another shot of the doggie with the Chuzzle:

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