Two Big Giant Announcements That Will Change Your Life

Good golly, some days are so exciting that it seems like the whole world is aflutter. Today may not be one of those days, but it’s at least a precursor to one of those days, as today I get to say to you, dear BlogRiders, that PopCap is proud to announce the upcoming launches of PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar and Solitaire Blitz for leading mobile platforms. If that’s not specific enough, what if I added that both games will be free-to-play on these popular smartphones and tablet devices? Hmm, still not enough? How about this picture:

Hmm, still not enough? Well then, let me assure you that PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar will allow you, yes you, to carry around your own pet zombie and dress him up as you like with a variety of items from sunglasses to hats and shoes or buy him a full outfit (an astronaut, say, or a samurai) in Crazy Dave’s store.  Then you will be able to take photos of you and your zombie, shoot videos with him, and hear him repeat your words in zombese.  Then share said photos with your living friends via email and social channels like Facebook (or other social channels that don’t get mentioned as much). It will be amazing, I tell you.

And then you will be able to swim and clear the decks with the mermaids, as Solitaire Blitz will be fully optimized for mobile. Fully optimized people! The smartphone and tablet iteration of this deck-clearing phenomenon will feature seamless connection to Facebook to populate your friends’ leaderboards in weekly tournaments and will also add new features like support for mobile-specific leaderboards and exclusive mobile achievements, including new card decks. I’m not exactly sure what that last sentence means, except one thing: awesome. For an example, here’s an image of Solitaire Blitz as it’s played on Facebook today (wait, that’s not an example at all, but it is awesome):

And if awesome isn’t life-changing, I don’t know what is (except for Strange Tales #110 from July 1963 and Funyuns).

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