PopCap in the News — Guinness World Record Edition

It’s been quite a while since our last PopCap in the News blog post, mainly because we’ve been so distracted by E3, our Solitaire Blitz marathon and many Zombie trips around the world. So without further ado, we hope you enjoy this edition of PopCap in the News — because you never know when it’ll come back!

  • A huge congrats to Laura Rich and Kathleen Henkel who are officially the Guinness World Record holders for “the longest videogames marathon playing a card game.” Both ladies played 30 hours of Solitaire Blitz to beat this record and in the process raised over $92,000 dollars for charity:water!
  • Check out the video below to see Laura’s record-setting moment:

  • Zuma’s Revenge! will be launching for the Xbox LIVE this week. The sequel to Zuma will include several new game modes, including Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge. While the game doesn’t come out until later this week, make sure to check out some of the Zuma’s Revenge! avatar items that have already hit the Marketplace.
  • Chris Dahlen hates Plants vs. Zombies. He hates it only because his son loves it so much. His son’s PvZ obsession had to be stopped, and Chris did this by tricking him into believing a lie. If you’re a parent, make sure to read his blog post titled “Sometimes You Just Have to Lie to Your Kid.”
  • Lastly, these Sunflower & Zombie stained glass pieces put a smile on our faces. They’re made by Nerd Glass, and are nothing short of awesome.


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