Conehead Zombie Visits Vietnam

Following Zombie’s recent visits to Japan and Italy, I knew that I had to take Zombie with me on my vacation to Vietnam. So after a 14-hour plane ride across the Pacific Ocean, Conehead Zombie landed in Southeast Asia for the first time! We spent a month travelling around the country, visiting the local sights, and of course eating the the delicious food. Enjoy!

One of the best things to do when visiting a new country? Jump right in. Zombie quickly applies this rule of thumb to a pile of rambutan. Delicious!

Zombie, enjoying the view from one of Vietnam’s many canals.

Unfortunately, there were no brains to be found in this guardian lion.

Zombie made the trek into a large temple built inside a rock formation. The view was worth the climb.

Staying far away from the creatures at this shrimp farm.

Since this Zombie couldn’t swim, he decided to hide inside the lifesaver tubes.

Enjoying the view from the reflection pool.

Sweet, sweet durian.

Again, with the jumping into piles of fruit! Unfortunately, dragonfruit looks beautiful, but doesn’t taste that great (according to Zombie).

If Zombie visited your hometown, where would you take him? Let us know in the comments!

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