Let the Funshine In

Sometimes, it’s enjoyable writing these posts just to see if the Blog Overlord will really let me get away with a particular headline. Like this one, that takes a song title and funs it up to let you know about the Funshine Sale going on right here and now at PopCap. (Said song from the 5th Dimension, if you were wondering. The band, not the actual dimension. And was written in 1967. Which is a while ago now — 33 years before PopCap was even here. It was a dark time. They had to write songs about sun just to keep from crying.)

Don’t let the above meandering keep you from taking advantage of the event, by the way. It’s a doooooozy: 50% off all games (those that download at least) from today through the 24th of June. All the zombies, gems, unicorns and others that you can fit in a cart. Which is quite a lot, since the cart isn’t really held to the normal laws of physics.

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