Bejeweled Legend: The Newest Rage in Japan

Do you remember that time you were in gym class and you tried to tell the other kids that you could climb the rope all the way to the rafters, then you got two feet up and your hand “slipped”? Well, that has nothing to do with today’s post. But nothing that follows will be any easier to understand. And you know what? That’s okay!

We recently released an awe-inspiring new Bejeweled game in Japan — land of the rising fun. And we want to show it off… even though, sadly, you can’t actually play it outside of Japan. But it’s so cool! Check out the trailer (it’s in Japanese, so you know it’s authentic):

Bejeweled Legend was dreamed up by our game studio in Tokyo, and it builds on the classic gem-matching game with an ocean adventure full of new characters and challenges. Plus, there are evil bosses to battle, and lots of other stuff I’d tell you about if I could read the game trailer.

Anyone out there care to translate it? Better yet: anyone out there care to translate it in the form of a sonnet?

One of the great things about PopCap is we’re making awesome games for people around the world. And while that means you may not always get to see us climb to the top of the rope, you can at least enjoy us telling you about it.

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