Solitaire Blitz Marathon UPDATE

We are just one week away from our 30-hour Solitaire Blitz Marathon. Besides going for a world record, we are attempting to raise thousands of dollars for charity: water. And the pledges are rolling in!

So far we have pledges totaling more than $73,000 USD!

UPDATE: Pledges are now approaching $80,000 USD! Thanks everybody!

We are humbled by the tremendous generosity of our Solitaire Blitz players and fans. And not to get all NPR on you, but it’s not too late to make a pledge! The marathon kicks off on June 26. It’s going to be a great event so don’t miss it.

Check out our Solitaire Blitz Marathon Facebook page to learn more about our two players (Laura in London and Kathleen in NYC), see their progress, get live updates, and make a pledge of your own to support a worthy cause.

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