Happy Day After Father’s Day! Woot!

I don’t know about you but I’m happy it’s Monday. It means we can all get back to real life now. You know, you can stop being on your best behavior, or at least wishing that your kid would attempt something resembling that. Dads can hang their kids’ lovely hand-drawn cards on the fridge and now figure out what to do with that odd “coffee mug” made out of pipe cleaning wire.

In honor of another vastly under-appreciated Normal Day, let’s remember the things that make each day a miracle. Waking up in the morning. Smelling the dog’s fishy breath. Eating creamsicles. Are you with me?

Well, it turns out that not everyone was preparing for Father’s Day last Saturday. Over in Bejeweled Blitz land, one of our laser cats apparently clawed her way into the, um, cookie jar. And, pardon me, but it looks like Snackers may have overindulged.

Have a great Monday!

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