PopCap at E3!

Today is the day when a great chunk of the gaming industry is lying in bed all day, with a piece of raw meat on their collective foreheads.

Why? Because it is the day after E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo), the biggest gaming convention of the year – and also the loudest, most exhausting, and the one with the biggest parties. No, this is not a complaint. Going to E3 is pretty exciting, and a privilege (it’s not open to the general public): It’s the first chance most have to see the upcoming games of the next year, and the time when the big three – Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft — make all their big reveals.

PopCap was also at E3 this year, for the first time, thanks to our new corporate masters at EA, but sadly, we did not have any big reveals. Not yet, kids. What we did have, however, was dancing zombies!

Yes, just as they’ve done at the last few Penny Arcade Expos, the PopCap zombies made a glorious spectacle of themselves at E3, dancing as only the undead can around the convention floor and generally making a nuisance of themselves wherever possible.

Sure, none of this hides the fact that we didn’t have any new games (yet) to show you, but, hey, when you are at a convention with 45,000 tired, sweaty people, in 80 degree weather, many of whom have waited literally four hours to see a demo of Halo 4, sometimes the best thing you can offer people is a little comic relief.

And who knows, maybe next E3 we’ll have something big to show you!

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