Jellyfish Fields

There are a great many varied and weird things one can find in the PopCap offices, but what we don’t have a lot of is live animals. There is Noni the Office Dog and the Tokyo office is home to the adorable and energetic Crea (also a dog), but in terms of creatures great and small that is about it. Except for the Mystical Jellyfish of Michael Black. Yes, the man behind the Wonder Woman Theme Box decided that his life was missing the challenge of raising tiny cnidaria in an office environment. The biggest challenge? “Keeping them alive,” notes our resident jellyfishologist. Please enjoy the action of Michael’s unnamed jellyfish (“I named the first batch, but they kept changing size and I couldn’t keep them straight.”) in the video below. But be warned. Staring at jellyfish for too long has been known to alter your vision. (Though it might also be some sort of hypno-whammy from the two fellows in back.) Anyway, JELLYFISH! And an ad that I couldn’t make go away. Alas.

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