Zombie Visits Central Italy

As this is my first blog post here, I wanted to start with how my PopCap life has been so far. First day: show up, get PopCap t-shirt. Second day: learn to play Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights. Fourth day to day-before-third-week: play Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights. Day before third week: have “sit down” with Blog Overlord about how I need to take a zombie to the central Italian countryside. Third week: go to central Italian countryside with a zombie, take photos, post photos on blog (this imperative coming along the heels of the wildly popular Disco Zombie Visits Japan). So, here we are.

Zombie stares at airline magazine for all of flight. Might have been the best in-flight magazine ever.

Zombie wonders if ancient Tuscan walled city of Anghari easier to attack than your lawn.

Zombie thinks tortino di riso nero con fonduta tartufo may actually be brains in disguise.

Zombie feels victorious—he finally wiped that smirk off Wall-Nut’s face. Now, could make a good zombie hat.

No matter how long it takes, Zombie will scale Umbertide Rocca. Zombies are, of course, very persistent.

Some obscure folksy museums are more appealing to Zombies than others.

Quattro formaggi con radicchio pizza. Not brains, but still inducing Zombie slobbering.

After many attempts, Zombie decides Italian heads might be too hard.

Like Napoleon, Zombie loves grissini. But all Zombies are somewhat alike.

Even Zombies need to relax and contemplate un-life while reminiscing with hundreds-of-years-old olive tree on Isola Maggiore.

And then the Zombie and I returned, happy to be back in rainy Seattle. Because sunny ol’ Italy just isn’t any fun. Now: back to playing Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights.

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