Seattle Rain Rant

Hey campers – it’s the first Monday in June and, of course, it’s wet and grey again. I was going to write about our latest Snackers and Anchovy video but first I need to digress. Let’s all remember that summer is 16 days away, kids are almost done with school, swimming pools are open, and I’m still wearing fleece. If I sound a little cranky, it’s because I am.

Okay, I’m done. Now, did I mention that it was Caturday this weekend? Well, it was. And if you were out enjoying the sunshine (don’t speak to me) and you happened to miss it, you can still see how our awesome Bejeweled Blitz cats spent the day. (It looks like it was sunny at their place.) So check out their video and then go blast some gems. And spread some sunshine. Please.

P.S. Next Caturday is June 16th — get Cat’s Eye Rare Gems for 50% off!

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