Happy Geek Pride Day!

“Drat!” I said, “We missed National Poetry Month in April!”

“Don’t worry,” someone else said (I wasn’t really paying attention to whoever was talking), “we can still write a blog post about Geek Pride Day.”

“Will people be wearing Star Trek costumes?” I asked. “Will those people make fun of me for not being as geeky as they, while they’re playing D&D and I’m just over here reciting my favorite lines from The French Lieutenant’s Woman? Will all the cool kids make me feel as silly and useless as Hawkeye in the new The Avengers movie?”

“Yes,” someone said.

I started to fret. But then, I looked over at a picture of Lex the Bookworm, PopCap’s resident geek. And I felt proud. I felt strong. That’s when I stood up and shouted, “No! I will not be afraid!”

You see, I believe there’s a little geek inside all of us. He’s really tiny, and he hides behind your gallbladder. And today, it’s time to let the world see the geek inside you… no messy surgery required.

Today, on Geek Pride Day, get out there and do something that’ll ostracize you from people with “normal” interests like speed dating, bleached roots, and arm wrestling. Enjoy your inner geek. Flaunt your inner geek.

Ah… geek out!

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