Caption Contest: Margaret Wise Brown’s Birthday Edition

Howdy, folks! It’s Caption Contest time again. If you’re wondering what the birthday of noted author Margaret Wise Brown has to do with our contest, I can tell you that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with our caption contest. I just went looking for noteworthy historical events for May 23 and her birthday was my favorite. We read a lot of her books in my house (Mister Dog is in heavy rotation). So whatever you celebrate on May 23, be it Linnaeus Day, World Turtle Day, or the birthday of Ambrose Burnside, please take a moment for Caption Contest Day!

Have a look at the drawing below (from the hand of our own Nate Simpson) and give it your best caption in the comments section. Perhaps something like, “Sorry I’m late” or “The good news is, it won’t get any worse” but, you know, actually good.

We’ll choose our three favorites and then put them up for a reader vote early next week. The big winner will receive our undying admiration and a spot in the Caption Contest Hall of Fame.*

Have at it!



*Caption Contest Hall of Fame is not a real thing.

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