Disco Zombie Visits Japan

Greetings, all. I just returned from a trip to Tokyo to visit family. To amuse myself and seven of my Facebook friends, while I was there I brought along Disco Zombie and decided to take pictures of him around town. Somehow I made the fatal error of accepting the Blog Overlord’s Facebook friend request and when she saw my photos she insisted I put some of them up here.

Please note, I was traveling with my wife and 5-year-old daughter, so most of the pictures have a pretty wholesome bent. If you were hoping for some exciting photos of Disco Zombie living it up in Roppongi or Ginza or one of the more unsavory neighborhoods I will not name here… you’re on the Internet, I’m sure you can find it.

Like in the States, it is becoming harder to find a payphone. Unlike in the States, when you find one, it doesn’t look like it will give you hepatitis.

I don’t know for sure (and I’m not going to look it up because this post is already late), but I think Japan has one of the largest vending-machine-based economies in the developed world.

Riding the Marunouchi Line from Akasaka-Mitsuke to Ogikubo. Say that five times fast. Or at all.

Postal employees get pretty rad scooters to ride. Disco Zombie tags along.


We did not know what to do to cross the street during the day.


Ran into a friend who showed Disco Zombie the way.


Got out of Tokyo and spent a couple of days in the mountains. It was a good chance for Disco Zombie to work on his audition piece for The Walking Dead.


We spent a day at Tokyo Disney Sea. If you know who “Duffy” is, this picture is HILARIOUS!


Disco Zombie loves aquariums. I know it’s “aquaria” but who says that?


The only thing better than the fake food in Tokyo, is the real food. Behold the wax-and-photographic presentation of my favorite food ever: tonkatsu. They did not have brainkatsu on the menu so we did not eat here.

So there’s Disco Zombie’s little travelogue of Tokyo and surrounding areas. We hope you enjoyed it. Next time we’ll visit Tokyo Sky Tree but the lines were way too long this time.

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