Zombie Gardening Tipz: Spring Edition

Helo. Zombie know you need advice for life. Now you want garden tipz too? What you wanting next, appendectomy?

Good for you, I have had a green thumb. (Have you seen my green thumb? I lost it in the pool.) Anyway. Alive peeples tell me sun is shining, time to make plants bloom and doom. Ugh. Hear are tips to let your garden grow go.

  • Gardens need compost. Get large compost recep repcet bin, dig up plantz, stuff them inside.
  • Use only organic fertilizers like vinegar and gasoline.
  • Don’t be afraid to fill field with pretty things like uranium geraniums copper.
  • Visit nayborhood nursery. Tell us when you go and we’ll eat meet you there.
  • Give all crops plenty of water: for best resultz, cover garden with swimming pool.
  • Tune up garden tools. Be sure edges of spade are sharp, and change oil in jackhammer.

Good luck with your garden. Yule need it.




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