The PopCast Episode 7!

Hey kids! Great news! At long last, a new episode of The PopCast is finally here!

We could bore you with all sorts of long, whiny, self-pitying details as to why it took us so long to record another episode, but, hey, that would kind of be like lying. The real reason is that we’re just lazy! And the weather’s been nice! Why record a podcast — or really, why work at all, when you can be outside, enjoying the sun, consuming beverages with your friends? Indeed, one could reasonably ask why you should even listen to this podcast, when you could and probably should be doing the same? And we don’t have a good answer for that! What’s the point of anything, really? Why should we do anything, given the brevity of life and the fact that one giant meteor could end it all in a split second? Quit your job!* Drop out of school!* Be with your loved ones! Bake bread! And, sure, go ahead, listen to our podcast now that you have all this new free time! It’s not like you have anything better going on anymore anyway! Yay!

And with that, please welcome PopCap artists Matt Holmberg and Rich Werner to The PopCast! They are awesome artists, and awesome podcast guests as well!

The PopCast Episode 7 – Artistes Assemble!

*Don’t really do this kids. Keep your job and stay in school. Otherwise you’ll end up with a job like this one.

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