PopCappers Assemble!

2012 is one fantastic year, I must say. It’s like the geekiest franchises in Hollywood are all just a tiny bit worried about the Mayan calendar, and they thought: What if the world really does end? We can’t let that happen without finishing the Batman trilogy, making a really great Spider-Man movie, and combining the most beloved genius hero of geekdom with an unbelievable all-star cast to bring to life the Mighty Avengers!

This image is property of Marvel.com. Go there and bliss out over the downloadable goodies like this wallpaper! You know you weren't going to think about anything else today anyway.

Because PopCap is the greatest place on earth, we’re all taking off a little early tomorrow to go enjoy this cinematic masterpiece (I don’t indulge in hyperbole or conjecture — it’s the Avengers, and it’s by Joss Whedon. QED: Masterpiece).  Tonight will be a little like Christmas Eve used to be when I was a kid. How many times in our adult lives do we get to be this excited? It’s a glorious year to be a geek.

If you’re as jazzed as I am, comment with favorite moments from the Marvel movies that have led up to the Avengers! I’ll start: Thor calling Agent Coulson “Son of Coul.”  Classic.

Enjoy the movie, everyone!

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