Solitaire Blitz’s April Decks (Your other plans for this week can wait!)

For anyone who’s tried our latest Facebook game, Solitaire Blitz (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), one of the nifty little surprises is the constant flow of new artwork. There are the little treats, like Otis the worm’s occasional wardrobe changes and his eagerness to show off new dance moves, that keep you from breezing past the endgame sequence, because there’s something new to enjoy. There are new treasures to marvel over, giggle at, or both (I’m looking at you, Mermaid’s Scale). But best of all, for me, there’s that sweet surprise upon levelling up, when I earn a new deck for my collection.

Not only is Guiding Light exquisitely pretty, it reminds me of a beloved TV series. Though, I should note, I don't mean the series actually called "Guiding Light."

Every month, the Solitaire Blitz art team creates a whole new set of decks that can be earned through play, as well as a separate set of decks available for purchase in the Shop. (The deck called “Charlie” is from the Shop. I looooove pugs!) As a major art groupie, I wondered, well, where do they get their ideas?

Erin Middendorf, who created my favorite deck to date (above — I could keep playing all day just to stare at that sweet face!), was happy to explain the process:

“Jason (our designer) will usually lay out different themes that we can pick from — there is usually a holiday each month that we can make special seasonal decks for. Along with those we have fun themes we can choose from that will eventually have 4-6 different card deck designs to make them a complete ‘set’. Like dog breeds, pirate themes, flowers, locations, trees, etc! We try to have decks each month that will appeal to men, women, and we like to throw in some gender neutral decks in there as well.

“The fun thing is that we are usually allowed to have artistic freedom with our decks! Which is why some of the designs come out really funky and weird! But we have lots of fun with them – the team pretty much trusts our judgment. We’re able to make art that we think is cool and so far the players seem to like them too!”

Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter were all commemorated with lovely decks! Here is one from each holiday set.

Karin Madan’s personal favorite deck is Love Transplant from the Valentine’s Day set. She also let me in on another pro tip about their design strategy: for holiday decks, the artists work with a select color palette that fits the tradition of the day. I asked her which of the current decks means springtime to her, and she selected Spring Sophie, “because of her sunny disposition; it just seemed right to have her hover over a bed of springtime daffodils.”  If Spring Sophie looks familiar to you, that’s because she is the catfish who appears from time to time in Solitaire Blitz! A catfish dressed as a rabbit… the mind boggles.

Jordan Kotzebue’s all-time favorite is the fantastical Guardian Serpent. As for springtime inspiration, he thinks of going to the dog park, which is why we have the darling gruff bulldog face of Spike to enjoy.

Since it’s already April 24th, you have only about another week before May’s decks arrive! It’s time to hurry over to Solitaire Blitz and level up until you’re the proud owner of all ten April decks!  And don’t forget to check out the Shop, where even more works of art like Charlie, Baby Bunny and Guardian Serpent await!

April's earnable decks in all their glory! Which ones do you have? Which do you still need?

As a special bonus, the Solitaire Blitz team is offering a chance to get the premium Baby Bunny deck for free! Head over to the game’s Facebook page and “Like” it to learn more!

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