A Blog Post About a Blog Post About Bejeweled 3 for PSN

Bejeweled 3, now available on PSN!

This is not the blog post that was supposed to be here today. What you were supposed to be reading was a post about how a few PopCap games were about to be released for download on the PlayStation Network. Which they are. So that part is still true.

However, the reason this is not really that post is because I spent the better part of the day talking with folks at both PopCap and Sony thanks to a ridiculous amount of confusion over what exactly we were putting up on PSN. Let’s see if you can follow this.

It all started way back in the less complicated, good old days of last week. Back then, I received an email from Sony asking if I’d like to blog for the Official PlayStation Blog about three games coming to PSN: Bejeweled 2, Feeding Frenzy 2, and Zuma. A random collection of games by any standards, but, hey, the world is a mysterious place. Who am I to judge? So I said yes.

Life, however, got complicated thanks to a random, fortuitous hallway encounter with a PopCap exec who’s actually in charge of this stuff. When I mentioned that I was doing this blog post, he balked. “Wait a sec, Jeff,” he said. “I think those games are already out on PSN.” I looked at him not unlike a dog trying to parse what a human is saying. “Buh?” I replied.

It turns out that Bejeweled 2, Feeding Frenzy 2, and Zuma have in fact already been up on PSN since 2009. So this blog post was going to be three years late. What was changing, however, was who was listed as publisher. Until recently, it was Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). But the terms of that deal have ended, and so now the publisher is PopCap/EA. So that’s all that’s really changing. And, yeah, I know, that’s about as exciting to you as it is to me, and certainly not worthy of a blog post, unless you’re a law student studying copyright and publishing laws, in which case I’m sorry.

But the story is not over yet! It turns out that while the less-than-thrilling news is that Bejeweled 2, Feeding Frenzy 2, and Zuma are still on PSN with a new publisher, it also turns out to be true that, hey — Bejeweled 3 is coming to PSN as well! Now, see, THAT is news! Only none of us knew it was happening! In journalism, this is what you call “burying the lead.” Because here I am, six paragraphs into this story, and I’m only now telling you what really matters today: Bejeweled 3 — our latest and greatest version — is now on PSN for download onto your PS3. If you don’t own the game yet, you definitely want it. And by buying it on PSN, you are proving yourself to be a true 21st century pioneer, forgoing those archaic and pesky boxes and discs that are now so much flotsam from a bygone era. For this, I salute you!

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