#AskZombie: Zombie Tweets

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that Zombie writes a Zombie Advice column every other week. No matter how undead he is, he likes to give back to the human community as much as possible. So when we asked him to get on Twitter to answer questions in a live chat, Zombie welcomed the idea.

Zombie anxiously waiting to start tweeting.

We asked fans to use the hashtag #AskZombie to send tweets to Zombie and he answered questions as he saw fit. If you missed the chat yesterday, we’ve got plenty of highlights for you. Here’s what Zombie had to say when he was restricted to 140 characters or less:

DCloseTweets asked: Zombie: How you stay so good looking? You never seem to age! What’s your secret? #AskZombie

Sunshine, rest, no vegetables #askzombie

blord7777 asked: #AskZombie…so what is your favorite Zombie movie…mine is 1978’s Dawn of the Dead… Zombies are always welcome at my house =)

Adventures in Babysitting. Zombie love it. #askzombie

From tsa_gtown: I’ve left my backdoor open and my lawnmower unplugged. Could you call round and lock up for me? #askzombie

Such flirting! #askzombie

polygobling asked: #askzombie Are less-productive brains less tasty? Who would be safe from the brain buffet in the coming zombie apocalypse?

Just the opposite. Busy brains too stringy. More fat means more deelishus. #askzombie

elie_x20 asked: So what do you do for living?

Not sure but think Zombie was just insulted. #askzombie

From kodama 677: When will Zombie visit Mexico? #askzombie

What is Mexico doing on Saturday? #askzombie

From rhorhoom: #askzombie Yesterday I met a Zamish-an Amish Zombie. Are you very religious? Do you know him?

 He not eat your brain? Must be zomspringa. #askzombie

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