Bejeweled Blitz with Key Stones — More Compelling than Ever!

Devoted players of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook have no doubt noticed a recent addition to the game:

No, the PLAY button was always there... look lower... lower... right! The three boxes at the bottom. That's what we're here to talk about!

Key Stones give you quests to carry out in Bejeweled Blitz and rewards for your successes! You may find yourself on the verge of a whole new level of strategy in the game, thanks to the enhanced focus on certain gameplay elements. For instance:

  • Let your quest be your guide: when you know you need to make Flame gems in particular, you may find your eyes increasingly drawn to those matches. You may be about to realize a deeper level of skill than you thought you had!
  • Use Boosts to help with your quest: if you need to create Flame gems, Hypercubes, or Star gems, don’t forget that the Mystery Gem boost adds one of these automatically at the start of the game, and the gem from the Boost counts in your favor!
  • Rare Gems can also help you reach your goals: their effects count toward your Key Stone quests, so if you get the Blazing Speed Key Stone, try using the free Blazing Steed you earned by completing your Daily Spin throughout the week.  
  • Take your lemons and make lemonade: if your game didn’t go from zero to awesome quite as quickly as usual, maybe this is a great time for fulfilling that quest that calls for a lower-scoring game! Be careful though — it’s actually harder than it sounds to score really low in Bejeweled Blitz.
  • If you have a Key Stone in front of you that asks you to play without any invalid moves, that is a real challenge! And fair warning: we don’t reward for “abandoned games” or games that don’t reach a certain minimum score. So take your time in those games and work on your gem spotting and selection! When you aim for the best moves rather than just trying to make moves as quickly as possible, you get better at the game all around, and you’ll spot those great moves even at full speed in the future.

Key Stones deepen the game and make it a different experience every day. Yesterday you played to create Hypercubes? Today try playing to destroy blue gems! And don’t worry if you don’t like one of the Key Stone quests you have right now, because they all expire if they don’t get completed within their natural time frame. For instance, take a look at my screenshot above; there is pretty much no way I believe I am going to make four Star gems in a single game! But I am going to keep trying and hoping… at least for the next two days until that Key Stone flips over to a new quest more in my skill range.

Rewards range from Mystery Treasures to XP (eXperience Points) that help you level up to Rare Gems you can save in your Message Center and use whenever you like! Imagine having your own little hoard of Rare Gems that you can sit on like a dragon, laughing about how you used to have to wait for them to appear. And those boosts of XP will not only advance your Rank but bring you closer to the Grand Mystery Treasure you receive when you reach the next Rank, plus the Legendary Mystery Treasure waiting for you every 10 Ranks!

So, I mean, it’s not like anyone needed a reason to play Bejeweled Blitz — but take a look at that screenshot — I’m only 5 blue gems away from my next Key Stone!  Might as well play one more game.

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