Emerald City Comicon 2012: Veni Vidi Vendidi

(Thank you Google Translate for that one.) And technically it was not “I” who came, saw, and sold (vendidi), but rather the PopCap artists whose tables at the con were mobbed all weekend long! Indeed, far from selling, I bought. Copiously, as always.

Erin Middendorf was the first artist to sell out! Um, I mean that in the good way... she kept her integrity while unloading all her stuff.

Dev Madan and David Ryan Paul sketched and sold all weekend long and never stopped smiling.

In addition to prints and sketchbooks, Dev had a full-length adventure, Monstertown P.I., featuring Frank Neil Stein, the character from his delightful Monsterpedia story. This is one of the many items I failed to pick up, as I was mostly busy cosplaying and winning trivia contests. Fortunately, I work in the same building as Dev, so I guess it’s only fair to give the other fans first crack at his wares!

Lynn Hogan in PopCap finery, or "bling" as I hear the kids call it.

Lynn’s new graphic novel, Prydwen, is available in both hardcover and soft, and it’s gorgeous! She was busy signing all weekend.

Karin Madan went bananas for this con. Sorry, I really couldn't help myself there.

As I photographed Jordan Kotzebue, I said, "Ooh, hold still... your head is covering the boob in the picture right now, that's perfect."

There were lots of great costumes this year, including roving hordes of Doctor Who in his various incarnations, at least half a dozen Katniss cosplayers, Hogwarts students travelling solo or in packs and representing at least three of the houses (as usual, no love for poor Hufflepuff). Here are a few of the highlights I managed to get on camera:

All Gryffindors here, but Slytherin and Ravenclaw both made a pretty good showing at ECCC this year.

I would like this just slightly better if the team simply represented all four major Robins, rather than three Robins and a Batgirl... but still, very nicely done!

In line for Stargate Atlantis star Jason Momoa, a trio of Wraiths menace Rodney McKay (whose Ancient shield device must have worn off already, or he shouldn't look so scared).

And last year after San Diego Comic Con, I challenged readers to correctly identify my cosplay (incidentally, no one did, but their guesses were good). This time, I went with a much more identifiable character, so no challenge. It was great walking around being recognized even by very young children who love the character! Kind of gave me hope that the next generation of comic book fans is here.

Avengers, assembled. At least two of 'em.

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