Talk to the Horn: Peggle Magic!

Hi, folks! You know, sometimes (though not very often), I forget how tragically unmagical your human universe is. Oh, sure, you may have quantum physics and love and synchronizing of the 6507 processor instructions to the television’s electron gun via the Television Interface Adapter. But splendid though some of those things are, they’re really no substitute for good ol’ fashioned magic. And by magic, of course, I mean Peggle magic.

- – -

Let me give you an example. I look over my desk and see a simple coffee cup. Its primary job is to contain coffee, a task it performs admirably. However, by dint of being a Peggle Universe object, this simple coffee cup also has a deep interior life, a long and storied history of wacky misadventures, and over twenty ancillary functions which range from writing catchy pop singles to going to the bathroom for you. Here in our world, this coffee cup is trivial, a bit of swag I received for some rendered services, but in your world, with its dearth of magic, the street value of this mug would be twenty thousand million thousand Ameridollars.

Or consider a Peggle ball. At first glance it appears to be a simple metal ball that bounces around in a field of pegs. But this simplicity masks a fiercely complex interior structure laced with lattices of magical energy and joy matrices so intensely awesome that if one were transported directly into your world, it would weigh more than twenty boxcars full of donkeys and other ass-related products.

Luckily, the folks at PopCap have recently come to appreciate the extraordinary properties of things and materiel originating from the Peggle Universe. Consequently, they and we are furiously working on a fat pipeline through which we can dump our useless junk on unsuspecting human rubes for multitudes of your earth cashcoins. Stay tuned!

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