PopCap at Emerald City Comicon!

Welcome to my favorite season of the year! I don’t mean spring, though that’s a nice backdrop… I mean Convention Season! For thousands of eager geeks, or if you’re feeling PC, enthusiasts, spring means that either a plane ride away or just downtown, we have a chance to gather in celebration of comic books, sci-fi, games, art… you know, the stuff that makes the world go round. One convention near and dear to my heart (and my home!) is Emerald City Comicon, and since it’s right here in Seattle, a number of PopCap artists will be there as exhibitors!

Intrepid artist David Ryan Paul, reporting for duty!

Last August, I wrote about the PopCap artists’ collaboration called the Monsterpedia. Many of the artists involved in that book will be on hand this weekend, and they still have some copies available for purchase. Or, if you bought one online, bring it along to get it signed!

*And a quick note before we proceed: all links below will take you away from PopCap.com, and that means we have no guarantees that the content will be all-ages appropriate. Hominids, in particular, is a webcomic set in the jungle, which means that it features indigenous people who don’t wear as much clothing as you probably do. It’s gorgeous art, but it may qualify as NSFW, so click with caution.

PopCap’s own Erin Middendorf is one of my favorite artists. I always know her work by the way I want to reach right into the image to pet the creature! Take a look at some of the adorableness she’s purveying in the irresistibly useful form of handmade, hand-painted pottery:

That owl wants his chin scratched. I can tell.

In addition to beautiful little animals, her pottery features film, TV, and video game characters. She’ll also have prints and handmade jewelry for sale, plus some aromatherapy products from Contact Caffeine, for which she designed the labels. Check her out at Table P-29 in Artist Alley!

David Ryan Paul will have two volumes of his sketchbook, copies of the Monsterpedia, and a number of prints available for sale. If you buy a sketchbook, you will also get a free sketch! The coolest part about a comic con, for me, is watching artists do what they do, so a sketch is a major bonus. Come to P-31 in Artist Alley to visit David!

Having clicked on his links myself, I know there are some prints I’ll be looking for!

Jordan Kotzebue will be there with copies of the Monsterpedia, plus hard copies of issues 1 and 2 of his webcomic, Hominids. He’ll also be selling t-shirts from the popular recent art show Muppet Rawk. In my previous post about the Monsterpedia, I couldn’t include images from Hominids, but the art is terrific, so read the webcomic, and come see it firsthand at P-29 in Artist Alley — look for the Hominids banner!

And again, Jordan offered me three images for this post, and this is the only one I could share… boobs are way scarier in our society than big toothy sea-creatures. Either way, that’s some good-looking art!

Another wonderful artist with a new comic for sale is Lynn Hogan, whose graphic novel Prydwen Volume 1, will be available at Table 1002, Sofawolf Press. Lynn herself will be there sketching and signing, so be sure to stop by!

The lovely and talented Karin Madan has not provided me with her table number, but I am confident you can find her in the vicinity of the other PopCappers (likely P-30 with fellow superstar Dev Madan)! She’ll have all sorts of surprises for us, no doubt, as well as beautiful handmade jewelry featuring her irrepressible wide-eyed characters:

Look at those eyes! Don’t they just call out to you, “I simply could not be repressed by any means!” ?

Other PopCap artists who will be in Artist Alley this weekend include Noah Maas at P-27 and Augie Pagan at D-19. As of “press time” they have yet to provide me further details on their wares for the con, but click on the links — the art speaks for itself. You’re going to want to see this in person!

Besides all the PopCappers in attendance, Emerald City Comicon is just one of my favorite events of the year. I’ll be there wandering around, wide-eyed as a Madan sketch, all weekend long. If you’re in Seattle, come down to the Convention Center and join in the fun!

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