Weird Tuesday Find

Today’s post was going to be about jellyfish. However, owing to their fragile nature, today’s post is not about jellyfish. Instead, and because I was left to scramble for something — anything — that would keep the boss happy, I discovered this oddity on the third floor of our offices.

What is it? No one can say for sure. Well, that probably isn’t true but go with me here. Was it left here by aliens? Yes, let’s say that it was. It was left here by aliens with mad LEGO skillz. What does it want? It has a message for us, if only we would take the time to listen. Pay careful attention to this video and see if you can hear what it has to say.

Did you hear it? Is it a message of peace? Is it a cookbook? Does it just want a Pepsi? Help a blogger out.

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