PAX East Is Coming!

Hey kids! It’s almost time again for the greatest gaming convention in the entire universe!  Yay! I speak of course of PAX – or the Penny Arcade Expo – founded eight years ago by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, creators of the popular webcomic Penny Arcade.

What started in 2004 as a fairly humble little gathering of gaming nerds (about 3,300 people attended the first PAX) has since grown into what is widely acknowledged as the premier public gaming event of the year, with attendance hitting around 70,000. PAX has become so popular, in fact, that it has now been split in two. PAX Prime takes place in Seattle in every September, and PAX East is held in Boston in April. This year’s PAX East is now just three weeks away, from April 6-8.  For three full days, gamers of all ages, nationalities, shapes, sizes, and planetary alliances gather to play games, talk about games, and just generally geek out amongst their own happy kind. And I am happy to report that PopCap will be there to meet and greet you, give you free stuff, and quite possibly even eat your brains!

I don’t want to give everything away now — because where’s the fun in that?— but I can tell you some of what we’ll be doing at the show.

First, in celebration of our great new game Solitaire Blitz, which you really should be playing if you’re not already, we are gong to be handing out special PAX-branded decks of playing cards (real ones), complete with a redemption for 25,000 free in-game Silver.  If you’re lucky enough to be attending the show, we’ll be handing those out right by the main entrance to the show floor. You won’t be able to miss us! We’re also going to have some special entertainment in this area, and, as usual, we’ll be passing out something goofy to wear. And if you’re too cool or too shy or maybe just have the proper amount of dignity to not want to wear something goofy, perhaps we can entice you with this:  At least one person every day at the show who is wearing our goofy thing will win a coveted new tablet device that shall not be named.  Yes, we are not above bribing you to wear our shwag.

And of course no PAX is really complete without a visit from the undead, so be on the lookout for our fabulous troupe of dancing zombies, who will be wandering the show, antagonizing plants, and demonstrating the kind of incredible dance moves only possible when you no longer need to breathe or have a living body you need to protect!

So we hope to see you there! If you are coming, please let us know on our Facebook Event page! And if you can’t make it, we promise to take lots of pictures. All we know is, it’s always an amazing, wonderful time at PAX, and we can’t wait to be there again!

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