Ask a Zombie: “Everybody Loves Lutefisk” Edition

Dear Zombie,

I’m looking for a job so I can live with my girlfriend in Norway, I come from England. Do you have any advice or tips that you could give us to make a good impression in an interview?

Yours faithfully,

Dear Dandv,

First, make sure you look for job in Norway. That way, commute not so bad. Second thing to remember is don’t take galpal to interview with you. Zombie not been to Norway (Yet! Your time coming, Hans Hansen) but bringing date to job interview probly not best idea. Unless interview is with her parents, you will just make it awkward for everybody. Expecially if you can’t keep your hands off each other. Zombie know how you kids get. And, really, who want to see that? Nobody want to see that. That is who want to see that.



Dear Zombie,

I am bored to death and I already finished all the PvZ games. I am also bored of Facebook and other social network. Being on MSN, Yahoo, Google+ and other also bores me. Besides indoor/internet activity, I’m also bored of the outside activities as well. So, I’m pretty sure that I’m bored with everything and never really get interested in one thing. Any suggestion on how to cure my bored-ness?


Dear Orange,

Let us step back and examine situation. You are a citrus fruit what has gained sentience and all you can say is “I am bored”? You should be rolling around the streets announcing to world, “I am citrus fruit and I have one or two things to say!” You would be biggest thing since… whatever last big thing was. However, Zombie assuming you are already off tree (how else you reach keyboard to type?) so you prolaby don’t have lots of time left. Instead of sitting around being bored, maybe you should find other citrus fruit and settle down. Maybe a nice grapefruit. Start a fambly, that kinda thing.


Dear Zombie,

What’s your deal?


Dear Sunflower,

Zombie just being Zombie. Why you gotta hate?


Sweet Tweets. Because sometimes peepul say junk on Twitter.

Elyse brags:
I’ve killed over 32,000 zombies. Wowzer

Zombie does not think that is a thing to be proud of. If Zombie had feelings, you hurt them bad.

Jonna not brags:
Oh boy, the #PlantsVsZombies mini-game “Last Stand” is really killing me. @popcap Thanks. And help me, please?

You do not need help. Plan is working perfectly. You are doing just fine. Please continue.

Cynthia mentions Zombie and Icelandic Pop Star in Same Tweet:
Love that my kids are torn between playing #PlantsvsZombies and @Bjork’s #Biophilia on iPad.

Pfft. Zombie also “extraordinary and innovative multimedia exploration of music, nature and technology” so not sure what is the big deal.

Need advice from Zombie? Zombie want to help. Yes way.
Write to Zombie at ZombieAdvice(at)
You won’t be sorry. Or at least not any more sorry than you are already.
And that is a promise!

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