Olympic News Update: The Claw!

When our fearless leader asked, “Do you want to cover Omegaclaw for the blog?” I leapt at the chance, convinced that “Omegaclaw” was a supervillain and I could call upon my inner Jimmy Olsen to get the scoop on Metropolis’ latest criminally minded troublemaker.

Turns out the Omegaclaw is actually this thing that makes the PopCap offices look even more like the inside of a Chuck E. Cheese.

And there is an Omegaclaw Challenge as part of our ongoing PopCap Olympics. (Also, I read too many comic books.)

Anyway, on the day I went to see who was competing, I stumbled across the Zombie Temp Worker, clearly shirking his filing duties, trying to nab a plushy from the one-armed doohickey. He approached this challenge with his usual aplomb and I got to use “doohickey” in a blog post. Today is a good day.


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