The PopCast Episode 6: Just How Awesome Is Solitaire Blitz?

And we’re back!

Since the previous podcast was about someone else’s game, and the one before that was about a game of ours that didn’t do so well, we figured we’d make up for all that by like TOTALLY GUSHING over one of our own games! Yay! Sorry, it might sound a bit insufferable, but, really, we’re pretty psyched about our newest release, Solitaire Blitz for Facebook, so we wanted to have some of the team on to talk to us about the game’s development and why their awesome game is so awesome. We know it’s hard-hitting questions like that that keep you coming back for more!

So join us as we welcome Jason Mai, Allen Murray, and Scott Willoughby for a look behind the scenes at Solitaire Blitz. We double dog dare ya! Listen to the podcast below, or in iTunes.


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