Talk to the Horn: Mystery of the Mastery

Hi, folks! Have you ever wondered how a Peggle Master develops his or her particular Magic Power? No? Think carefully. Surely you’ve thought of it at least once, even if it was only two seconds ago when you read the “Have you ever wondered how a Peggle Master develops his or her Magic Power” sentence three sentences back. Yeah. I thought so.
- – -
As it turns out, Magic Power development is a fascinating process full of delight and heartbreak! One might think it’s as simple as waving a magic horn around, mumbling a few incantations and praying the magical forces of the Peggleverse dump a fully realized Power directly in front of your face. If one thought that, however, one would be incredibly off.

No, even the simplest of Magic Powers (Jimmy’s Multiball springs to mind) requires a great deal of careful contemplation. A host of considerations demand attention. Is it fun? Is it useful? Is it easy to understand? Is anybody going to have to put in overtime to create it? And so on.

Once these issues have been exhaustively discussed over piping hot mugs of magic potion, it’s time to implement the new Power and see how it plays. The basic implementation usually only takes a couple of days along with three bushels of straw magically converted into gold. Once the time and straw-gold has been expended, the aspiring Peggle Master may now try the Power out on a real live Peggle board. Even in a primitive state without bells, whistles or party-style noisemakers, a good Magic Power will reveal its amazingness quickly. Conversely, no amount of fancy lace and additional frippery can make a clumsy, ineffective or non-moneymaking Power work.

Once the decision to proceed with the Power has been made, then innumerable elves, fairies and pixies are brought in to sprinkle the Power with various degrees of awesomesauce and wonderjuice. The Power is then tested extensively by a crack crew of badgers and hippos (and hippobadgers), all of them playing the new Power over and over again looking for any sign that its use might wipe out all of existence. Once the Power has been cleared for universal safety, then and only then is it implemented into the larger Peggle game.

It takes a lot of effort and inspiration to create a Peggle Magic Power, but I hope you’ll agree it’s supremely worth it!

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