Bejeweled iOS Gets Butterflies!

Good news this morning for Bejeweled fans! The latest free update for Bejeweled iOS adds a brand-new mode: Butterflies. (And, yes, we know: “Brand new” for the iOS–if you’ve been playing Bejeweled 3 on the PC or Mac, you already are familiar with this mode and know how hard it is!)

Rather than waste valuable brain cells that we could otherwise be devoting to Solitaire Blitz this morning by writing our own take on what this update includes, we’ll just resort to ye olde Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V and let the Bejeweled team tell you themselves:

New game update — Bejeweled now has Butterflies!

No, the game isn’t nervous. It has a fascinating new game mode! Butterfly gems appear at the bottom of the board and move up a space every turn. The hungry spider at the top of the board is waiting to catch any butterfly it can — so you’ll need to match butterflies or use special gems to free them. How many butterflies can you save?

Butterflies mode tips:
• Don’t waste moves matching butterflies that are already aligned to match up.
• Try to match as many butterflies as possible in one match for a super score combo!
• Take your time and think it through, Butterflies will test your powers of forethought to the maximum of your ability.

Share the fun
There’s now a simple way for you to gift Bejeweled to a friend — right from inside the App.

New Badges
We just added two new achievement badges. Can you earn them?

That’s it for this update. As always, we’re constantly looking for ways to bring you more Bejeweled fun. We hope you enjoy the game!

Woot–there it is! So go get the update, because it’s free! Because we love you! (And we were just kidding about Solitaire Blitz, by the way. We’d never play games during the work day, because that would be totally irresponsible and bad overall for the world economy.)

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