PopCap in the News

Happy Monday! We’ve gathered some of our favorite newsworthy stories from the previous week for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

  • In an Opinion piece for Edge Online, our Bejeweled Franchise Director argues that the freemium business model — publishing games for free and offering in-game currency for purchase — ultimately provides for a better game experience. Read his reasons in the Edge Article here.
  • PlayStation’s new handheld device, the PlayStation Vita, was released last week with Plants vs. Zombies being one of its launch titles. For details on the game, head over to the PlayStation blog.
  • Are retro video games as universally awesome as we think they are? Kotaku asked attendees of the Interactive Achievement Awards if old video games were actually good — watch their answers in this video.
  • Lastly, the PopCap Olympics is underway and this year Zombie Temp Worker thinks he has the skills to compete with us humans. Check out the video below for his attempt at Nerf Marksmanship and make sure to catch up on all of our PopCap Olympics coverage.

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