Talk to the Horn: Peggle Plots

Hi, folks! It’s been relatively quiet around the Institute for the last few days. Normally, I strive for calm efficiency, but too much sanity can get a little dull. Consequently, I think it’s time for an adventure! But which one? There are so many to choose from…

- – -

Peggle Challenge

Maybe we should issue a challenge to the Peggle Academy! You know, the group of fiendish Peggle cheats and criminals ruled with an iron hoof by none other than Academician Fnord Unicorn. They look just like us, except with beards, eyepatches and hue-shifted color palettes! It would provide a competitive angle, and we’d get to confront our evil dark sides in the bargain!

Peggle Moonquest

What if the moon disappeared? We’d have to drop everything and fan out across the land to find it. We’d search desk drawers, look under piles of dead leaves and explore monster-filled caverns in our desperate quest to return our shiny silver buddy to the heavens! That could be kind of a kick.

Peggle Franchise

Supposing we suddenly needed to expand Peggle in every direction? I’d have to send the various Masters to strange and inhospitable realms where they could establish new Peggle Institutes, while I would be forced to walk the lonely paths and explore the lost niches for new Masters, new Magic Powers and new ways to enjoy Peggle! I could certainly get behind such an effort.

Mo Peggle Mo Money

What if we suddenly ran out of money and needed cash? We’d need to rediscover some of your human economic ingenuity and learn how to arbitrage currencies, set up clothing stores and establish casinos. We’d beg money on the streets and move in the highest circles of Peggle power soliciting donations. That could be kind of fun — and terrifying, to boot!

Peggle Invasion

What if awful beings from beneath reality attacked the Peggle Universe? Imagine if these prickly beasts of pure darkness sought to eat joy, consume happiness and desaturate every rainbow they could find! It’d be the solemn duty of every Master I know to summon our Peggleness in order to repel the invasion!

As you can see, we have many adventurous possibilities from which to choose, all turgidly gravid with dramatic potential! I think I’ll kick back with a coffee and some magic yogurt while I’m trying to decide…

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