Zuma’s Revenge! Now Available for Nintendo DS. Yay!

There are many pleasurable activities in life. Eating chocolate, for example. Going to Disneyland. Skipping school or work, sleeping in really late and then eating a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch while watching The Price is Right. But of all the pleasurable activities to be had in our limited time on this planet, I think we can all agree that there is perhaps none greater than this: Shooting balls out of a frog’s mouth. Thus, it is with great joy that I am here today to announce that the greatest (okay, only) shooting-balls-out-of-a-frog’s-mouth game of all time — Zuma’s Revenge! — is now available on the Nintendo DS. Huzzah!

Yes, PopCap’s beloved match-3 game is finally available on the Nintendo handheld, meaning now you can play Zuma’s Revenge wherever you are, like at the movies, or in class, or on a first date! Okay, actually, those are all bad examples. Please don’t play Zuma’s Revenge on any of those occasions. That would be bad. But any other time is totally okay! The point is that it’s portable now, so you never need to be without Zuma’s Revenge, ever!

So, what do you get in the Zuma’s Revenge DS version? I am glad you asked. Because there is some cool, brand-new stuff for Zuma fans. Here’s what’s inside:

  • The complete, original 60-level Adventure mode, in which you must make your way through six island zones, battling ever-tougher tiki bosses along the way.
  • Challenge mode: 70 really tough levels guaranteed to make you cry and/or smash your DS with a hammer.
  • Iron Frog mode: Beat 10 levels with just one life.
  • Daily Dungeon: Exclusive to the DS, spin the Dungeon Slot once every 24 hours to receive a new, random level along with three mini-games. Astro challenges you to survive 10 waves of balls; Blitz (familiar to anyone who’s played Zuma Blitz on Facebook) gives you one minute to get your highest score; and Boss pits you against a random tiki boss.
  • Versus mode: Also new for the DS, there are three ways to play against a friend over a wireless network, just like people in the future do! In VS Battle, each player tries to add balls to the other’s chain while trying to eliminate their own. Score Attack is essentially 2-player Zuma Blitz, with each player playing the same level for one minute, with the high score winning. Survival pits the two players on the same level, with the person who lasts the longest winning.

Seriously, this is a great version of Zuma’s Revenge. I’ve played this game on every other platform more than once,  and I’m still happy with this one. And I’d be saying that even if I didn’t work here. I’m just saying it with more words because I do. Go get it! And if you don’t have a Nintendo DS, get one of those too, and then get Zuma’s Revenge! Tell them Jeff sent you! You won’t get a discount, and, in fact, they won’t have any clue who I am or what you’re talking about, but it’ll make me feel important! And that’s what counts!

TL; DR version: Zuma’s Revenge for DS! Out today! Huzzah!

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