PopCap Olympics 2012

We’ve been teasing this one for a while in various blog posts, so I am very pleased to say that the PopCap Olympics are finally here! I know I look forward to this every year, the chance to compete and be massively outmatched by my skilled friends — there is nothing more inspiring and motivating than to lose. Repeatedly. A lot.

See all these medals? Not mine.

We have a number of events that have stood the test of time, favorites that are always in the lineup, like Ping Pong, Foosball, Rock Band, and the always delightful Chuzzle Toss. But every year brings new additions as well. For 2012, I know I will be on hand as a spectator for the first ever Musical Chairs battle. What an event lacks in athleticism, it makes up for in whimsy.

We’ll have regular updates for you in the weeks to come as we play out tournament style Chess matches, Nerf gun marksmanship contests, and a “pentathlon” of PopCap games! I’m running that event myself, and it’s my job to choose which five games we should play. What would you choose?

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