PopCap in the News — Fan Edition

This week’s edition of PopCap in the News features our fans — our wildly enthusiastic, Android-loving, nothing but super awesome fans. Every week, our fans send us their incredible PopCap-themed cakes, cards, songs, art and stories.  We picked out some of our favorites this week to share with all you blog readers. Enjoy!

  • Valentine’s Day may have been last week, but fan Leandro Ismael made his own Plants vs. Zombies Valentine’s Day card. Take a look at it here.

  •  We love this birthday card that fan Audrey Lin shared with us. The entire card is 2 meters-long, comprised of 88 smaller cards and took one month to make! With the help of her friends, they drew and cut out the characters to make each individual card by hand and then put them together on this board. Awesome work!
  • Lastly, if you’re in Sydney, Australia we encourage you to visit this amazing graffiti tribute to Plants vs. Zombies made by YouTuber . Check out how he made it in the video below!

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