Want Some Juicy, Creative Brains?

I’ve been asking a bunch of folks here what they do to get — and keep — their creative juices flowing day after day. Because the truth is that creating awesome games is tons of fun, but it’s also hard work. Ask anyone at PopCap how we create a game and you’ll hear about constant iterations, exquisite attention to detail and sometimes a years-long development process.

For Matt H., Senior Artist on hit games like Bejeweled 3, Peggle Nights and Feeding Frenzy 2, just drawing random things gets his juices flowing. “Fan art, megaman, old cars – anything that sounds fun, even if it’s off-task. It will usually get the brain going for me.” Guy W., Audio Director and mastermind behind the music in our newly launched Solitaire Blitz game, finds inspiration running trails with his dog Murphy, meditation, yoga and writing music for himself.

Taking walks and listening to music are my antidote to writer’s block (unfortunately standing in front of the refrigerator is less effective, as I keep reminding myself). I have some favorite go-to tunes and I love discovering new pieces that inspire me. This morning I found a phenomenal finger-style guitar version of Laura Shigihara’s music from Plants vs. Zombies that someone sent me. Just awesome! Maybe it will inspire you too.

If only I could listen to that while I stand in front of the refrigerator!

Now it’s your turn! Tell us what YOU do to get your creative juices goin’. Post it on our Facebook page and we’ll keep sharing more tips from folks here.

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