Talk to the Horn: Seeing Food

Hi, folks! I just had a rigatoni with scallops and shrimp for lunch, and while it was good at the time, I’m not entirely sure my guts agree!

- – -

Food is, of course, more problematic in the Peggle Universe than it is in your own. Everywhere you look, you’re staring at some kind of talking animal, so it’s not at all clear who you’re allowed to eat. Since humans are (or so you think) the only conscious, self-aware beings going in your world, you have a much wide ranger of eating options. True, I’ve heard of your “vegan” and “vegetarian” humans who dodge the moral questions of eating animals by consuming only plant life, but as Tula or Renfield would be happy to point out, that does squat for us in the Peggle Universe.

No, in our world the only way to be sure you’re not eating somebody with a Social Security Number is to straight-up ask just before lunch. Like the shrimp I had this afternoon; I had to question them all closely to ensure that none of them were related to Claude or owed him any money.

And yet… I wonder if in those shrimp there might not have been a slight flicker of consciousness, or at least a hunger for revenge, because all of a sudden pooping sounds like the most important idea in the world!

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