Solitaire Blitz: New Fun Coming Soon!

There’s something in the water here at PopCap. Fortunately, it’s not poison!

It’s Solitaire Blitz: the new social solitaire game for Facebook. Yep, it’s solitaire — one of the most popular games ever — with amazing PopCap touches that make it waaay more than just another card game.

Set in a magical underwater world, Solitaire Blitz challenges you to clear the decks in 60 seconds, get a high score, and top the leaderboard. Plus, there’s a treasure-hunting component. I love getting that super-rare Chipped Skull! Oh, and the characters in Solitaire Blitz are some of my favorite PopCap characters ever.

Solitaire Blitz is coming in March — but you can learn more about the game now, and if you go “like” the game on Facebook, we’ll send you a note the moment you can play.

Check it out!

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